Sunday, April 10, 2011

Amazon Mom

We really love Amazon Mom!  I was surprised to find out at Jack's playgroup that no one else was taking advantage of it.  I love getting great deals and whenever I find a good one I try to share it with my friends.  Buying diapers off Amazon is cheaper than the grocery store (plus since we live in Colorado we don't pay tax).  It's also nice knowing that you'll never run out of baby necessities.  Here's how it works. First, you sign up for amazon mom, then pick out the products that you want.  They have all the major brands to choose from.  Next, choose how often you want them delivered and you receive 30% off as well as free 2 day shipping.  It's also nice because they email you before they send out the next order, so in case you don't need them, you can just skip that month's shipment.  We use it for diapers, wipes, and diaper genie refills, but you can also use it for household products.  The diapers and wipes are 30% off with subscribe and save and all other products are 15% off with subscribe and save.  Here is the link to get started on Amazon Mom.

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