Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Choo Choo Jack is Two!

Jack's 2nd birthday party was a train theme, which is so perfect for a two year old!  Since I started the planning just 8 days before the party, I had no choice but to go with Thomas, because it's in all of the stores :)  Jack has one Thomas book (which we have read a million times) so I added a couple of elements from his book to make the party more authentic.

For railroad tracks on the sidewalk we used duct tape.

Sign on the front door.

When the kids arrived I gave them bandanas and conductor hats.  It was so cute seeing them dressed up during the party, plus it was a fun gift for them to take home!

The train room for the kids to play in.

I had to make a train for the food table.
Luckily Jack has a Thomas toy that I was able to use.
 I love these veggie dips for kids parties!

We had signs made at Party City,
and glued them to poster board for personalized party decor.

Unfortunately I didn't get to make the cake for Jack's party this year because it was out of town and by the time we arrived I had less than 24 hours to get everything else together.  This cake was ordered from Target and it was only around $25.  They have so many cakes to choose from if you are looking for one - and they're yummy!

As soon as we put the cake in front of Jack, he dove for it!   I had to hold him back so he didn't burn himself, but he loved everyone singing Happy Birthday!

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