Thursday, September 20, 2012

School Lunches

One of LiveWell Colorado's initiatives is improving school lunches.  Most kid's would make the unhealthy choice when it comes to food they buy at school.  However LiveWell Colorado is not only encouraging parents and teachers to make the healthier option fun, but they are working to educate students so they want to make the healthier choice.  To learn more about all of the amazing things LiveWell Colorado is doing check out their website :)  LiveWell Colorado has their 3rd annual fundraising luncheon coming up on December 13th.  Click on the picture below for more information.

This year Jack is in a parent's day out program, so once a week I pack him a lunch.  I definitely try to have Jack eat as healthy as possible, but he is a typical 2 year old that if given the choice he would fill up on foods that aren't as nutritious.  I think the best thing that works for me right now is that Jack sees me eating the same healthy foods that he does.  Below is a picture of the first lunch I packed him.  I made sure to cut up everything into small pieces,  and to give him plenty of options. 

Be sure to label EVERYTHING!

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