Thursday, October 25, 2012

Belly Up Spa

 As another month of Breast Cancer Awareness comes to an end, Belly Up Spa, Denver's only exclusive mom spa begins their journey speaking to cancer and catering to moms affected in a different and very tangible way.  Why now? Because cancer is not partial to a month, a color, or a ribbon - one in three will be touched.

Belly Up Spa already offers unique one of a kind treatments targeted to moms in all stages of motherhood from before, during and after pregnancy, and now after recent cancer specific training, they will speak to moms affected by cancer during all stages of treatment too - before, during, and after.

A mother herself, Belly Up Owner Rhonda James, is aware of the many needs of mom, especially those who are compromised with something like cancer as many of the spas clients have directly or indirectly been affected.  But with a vision to be more than the typical spa, and cautious to not fall into the same pink robbon participation Rhonda held off outreach until it was right for Belly Up to embrace the affected community.  As breast cancer awareness month neared this year, the right opportunity finally did come.

"The hands, feet, and nails are highly impacted by cancer treatment, sometimes with long-term impact.  And manicuring services are the most chosen by women in general, even women battling cancer.  Having this kind of knowledge and tools allows us to have an amazing impact on the front line, something that's really important to us at Belly Up Spa," says Rhonda.

After recently finding NONTOXIQUE, a holistic hand, foot, and nail care line for the spa, Belly Up got more than they bargained with their new exclusive vendor relationship.  Not only is NONTOXIQUE a 100% active line that delivers results, the line was created by a health-based manicurist who knows all too well what it means to become health compromised.  As a result of personal experience, NONTOXIQUE is the first truly holistic spa hand and foot care line that delivers results safely using only ingredients proven to be effective, non-skin sensitizing, non-UV reactive and not known to build up in the body contributing to cancer, birth-defects or any other health concern.

But that's only part of the story.

NONTOXIQUE eats, sleeps and breathes wellness and to make sure its importance is understood in the spa, the company offers extensive education and insights into healthy and ultra safe manicuring services - including a department audit to make sure everything from sanitation to treatment techniques are what they should be regardless if the state required such strict standards yet or not.

Once strict requirements such as 'one per use' policy and sterilization are met, Oncology Manicuring Education is provided which allows manicurists to understand and properly act on different stages of cancer and the needs a client may have from their diagnosis into recovery.

So as Breast Cancer Awareness month comes to an end, the journey is just beginning for Belly Up Spa and those who have been touched.  With new and exclusive offerings not available anywhere else in the greater Denver area that speak specifically to the changes experienced on the cancer journey - before, during and after.

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