Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fire Truck Birthday Party!

For Jack's third birthday party we decided to do a fire truck theme.  After looking into some options, I decided to have it at the Denver Firefighters Museum.  

It is a perfect venue for a kid's birthday party, and the staff couldn't have been nicer.  The Museum is in Denver's original Fire Station Number 1, built in 1909.  The party starts on the second floor where we setup food and tables - it's right next to the kids area. 

After everyone sang "Happy Birthday" Jack was dressed up as a fireman.  

He led a parade through the old locker room and throughout the museum, downstairs to the classroom.  (The staff does various educational demonstrations based on age group, but since we had mostly two-year-olds, they kept it simple).  During the brief presentation, Jack demonstrated "Stop! Drop! and Roll!" 

Next, all of the kids dressed up as firefighters, took turns driving the old fire truck, sliding down the pole, and exploring the museum!

The goodie bags consisted of a fireman hat, stickers, and a fire truck :)

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