Sunday, January 2, 2011

Weekend Roundup - NYE

Happy New year!  My goal was to get our home organized and clean this weekend and I can officially say that we did.  We took down our Christmas decorations and ended up cleaning / organizing the entire house.  I took Jack's clothes that no longer fit out of his closet.  It's so crazy how fast they grow out of these cute little outfits.  When I look at the clothing he was wearing just a few months ago, I'm amazed that he fit into them.  They look so tiny!  Most of the cleaning was boring so I don't want to relive that, but some of the important safety things we did I thought I would mention.  Our neighbor had an oven fire and it ended up ruining their entire kitchen because they didn't have a fire extinguisher - which gave us the idea to do a safety check of our home.  These are the things we did and I recommend doing them as well.  It's so easy to hear stories about other people and think, That would never happen to us :)

~ replace batteries of smoke detectors
~ replace backup batteries of carbon monoxide detectors
~ check fire extinguisher expiration dates
~ take pictures of the house for home insurance purposes
~ check 2nd floor safety ladder

We had a super busy weekend, and a great start to the new year!

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  1. Your weekend sounds very similar to mine. I was thinking, as I was re-organizing my son's bedroom, that I actually get more spring cleaning done after Christmas than I do in the spring!