Sunday, December 5, 2010

Weekend Roundup

I always feel like the weekends go by so fast, and this weekend was no exception.  On Friday we went to the Hometown Holiday at the Town Center.  We saw santa arrive on his sleigh and he brought two of his reindeer, Dasher and Dancer, the other's must have been resting up for Christmas Eve!  

They had a countdown for Santa to light the Christmas tree in the Town Center and a lot of vendors from the local businesses gave away samples and coupons.  We decided not to wait in the long line to see Santa but it was a very festive event and a lot of people came out to celebrate!  We had such a great time that Jack decided to leave a souvenir - one of his shoes :)

Saturday we took Jack to see Santa at Murdoch's.  I had never been in the store, but it was really nice and a lot bigger than it looks from the outside.  At first Jack was a bit freaked out - I don't think he has ever seen anyone with a beard that big - but then he was actually okay sitting on Santa's lap (with me right next to him).  We also went to the High School State Championship Football game at Invesco Field and saw Valor Christian win state!  It was Jack's first time at a football game that big and he really enjoyed all of the action!  

Sunday we slept in until 9am - yeah!  I cannot remember the last time I slept in that late, I am pretty sure it has been over a year.  We had a very relaxing day and watched Miracle on 34th Street, which is a classic!  Unfortunately I didn't get any Christmas shopping done, but there is always next weekend.  I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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