Sunday, December 19, 2010

Weekend Roundup

The weather's been so nice, it hardly feels like the weekend before Christmas.  Hopefully we'll get some snow just in time for a White Christmas!  We had such a busy weekend and it went by way too fast.  Friday was pizza night.  We like to make it on whole wheat pita bread with as many veggies as possible - a somewhat healthier version :)  They're also perfect because on individual pizzas everyone gets to choose their own toppings.

Saturday morning we officially finished up our Christmas shopping.  We also bought a few more Christmas decorations (some places already have their Christmas decorations 40% off - so they were too hard to pass up).  Jack and his Daddy already put them up and they look great!

Our family craft this weekend was making a gingerbread house (this kit was from Michael's for $3).

We felt like watching another Christmas movie, so we rented A Christmas Carol - the new Disney version (it was good, but a little scarier than I expected).

While driving around checking out some of the Christmas Light winners, we were surprised by this house:
It did NOT make the list of winners - they totally should have, we could see their house from Wildcat!

On Sunday we made chili and watched the Broncos lose.  Dan (always the optimist) says "At least the Broncos will have a better draft pick!"  I hope you all had a great weekend - only 5 more days till Christmas!

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